Sample of hollow back* ( round spine )it is recommended for thick binding of more than 200 pages *A paper tube stuck to the spine of a book, to which the covering material is attached. The resulting hollow back allows a freer opening for sections of stiff paper, or for books in which entries are to be made, and allows books bound in stiff material such as vellum and buckram to open more freely.

Thesis presentation box for your personal copy, guide's copy or university's copies,it is most attractive way to better protection of your valuable thesis binding,

Thesis decoration involving the impressing of heated tools, brass letters and metal blocks through gold leaf into the leather or cloth. it is principal processes involved in binding a thesis : the titling, decoration and polishing of the cover and spine, lettering are also possible with silver and various colours of hot stamping foils.

Laser engraving / cutting work on wedding card. we have most advanced Co2 laser engraving / cutting machine.