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Terms :

  1. All prices shown are for the binding of up to 200 pages / A4 size.
  2. Payment against delivery by Cash or through Bank Transfer.
  3. To Avoid any misunderstanding, kindly get full estimate before giving job work or
    for further query contact on +91 9825168343 (Mazhar) or +91 9825441691 (Mun).
  4. Please Check your Page No. / lettering matter / Binding cover colour carefully before Final Binding.
  5. Lettering will be done by our Defaults fonts only
  6. Actual colours of  covering materials may vary slightly from those shown in our website.
  7. Only .pdf formats are strongly recommended for printout. But if you have .doc file we will convert it and sent to you for confirmation.
  8. Wastage and misprints will be charged on customers (Due to your Unformatted files).
  9. Required  Binding margin :  Left side 1.5 inch. other three sides (Top, Bottom,  Right sides)  1 Inch.
  10. 10 years Binding Guarantee.
  11. Subject to Ahmedabad Jurisdiction.