Do you offer Computer Job Work, Laser print, and color print as well as bind?

Yes we offer all these services under one roof with fastest digital laser printers with very reasonable rates, we have most advanced BW laser printers & Color printing Machines with skilled operators. They are always attention to serve you. We recommend you to upload PDF files to avoid fonts changing.

How I Send you my PDF file for Laser Printing?

Please Send your file(.pdf) via mail info@phdbinding.com with your proper Contact Details.

I would like my thesis to look as impressive as possible for submission. Which form of binding do you suggest?

Best hard binding with Morocco / Cromwell Leather, Silk or Marb looks best. Please see our Section B in Price Calculator.

What is all the Major University’s PhD binding specification?

Must be hard bound copies with Gold or Silver Lettering (Embossing) cover color is your choice. We have a range of around 170 shades of colors & covering materials. Title, University Name, Logo, your Name, Guide Name, and Department must appear on the front side and degree, name and year on spine. (We have metal stamping die for all major university's logo printing)

What Margins are required for binding?

We prefer 1.5 inch on the spine or binding edge (left side) for sewing and 1 inch on the 3 other edges. If you have used word to produce your work those standard margins will be acceptable Ensure the foldouts and diagrams produces have reasonable margins and that page numbers, headers and footers are away from the edge.

What if I want to include photographs?

If you only have a few photographs (upto about 6) then there will be no problem. If you have more then 6, then either consider reproducing them to A4 size or color copying them onto A4 paper A large number of photographs in a volume can create a ‘lump’ effect. If you cannot avoid using standard sized photographs then please mount them on A4 paper before bringing them to us for binding. This will enable us to include ‘guards’ to relive the ‘lump’ effects.

Can I have a pocket at the back?

Yes, we can supply pocket for Maps, Abstracts, CD, etc.

What paper should I use?

100 GSM German Alabaster (Germany) or 85 GSM Royal Executive Bond is normally used for Finest Printing. Different papers react to different printers so do a test to see smudges by running your finger over the first page you print. It does you have made the wrong choice.

Is Gold/Silver Lettering (Embossing) the only option?

Gold/Silver is compulsory required for submission copies for yourselves we can offer black or other color Lettering and screen printing also. Other then English Titles we provide Gold/Silver Laser Engraving.

Do I need to book for the same day delivery or 24 hours service?

Yes, just remember the 11.30 A.M. deadline at first send your front title page by fax or E-mail (for lettering preparation of Thesis Jackets) also send us the details of the no. of pages we will give you whole work complete within only 5 to 6 hours. (Send your contact details also).

What are you opening hours?

Monday to Saturday 10.0 a.m. to 8 PM (Lunch Hours 1 PM to 2 PM)

Can I post or email my Book / Thesis / Media to you?

Yes you can please enclose all contact details If you send soft copy, Please send it in PDF format.

Can you pickup and deliver my thesis at my home or my Department?

Yes, we offer delivery service at your Home and Department with additional Packing & Forwarding charges as applicable.

Can I park my Vehicle easily outside your unit?

Yes, We have very larger parking and it’s free! Our guard will help you to park your vehicle.

What is mode of payment?

On Hand to Hand delivery from our bindery, you need to pay Cash & in other cases pay through Bank Transfer